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Ordaliza C

Science, Languages Tutor

Queens College

Majors: Biology; Pyshcology

About Me



Learning a little bit of everything is the key for a successful future. Persistence, determination, responsibility and dedication are a few key characteristics for success. Working hard with proper guidance will allow the student to grow.


I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Psychology in Queens College City University of New York. I’m currently taking Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at University of Florida that would be towards my Forensic Science Masters degree. I’m a certified Phlebotomist and EKG technician. I’m also a certified teacher for Biology for the grades of 6-12 in the state of Florida.


I taught at risk students at an alternative high school and was also a tutor for my peers while working on my degree. I taught calculus 1, 2, all my undergrad biology and psychology courses.


I enjoy arts and crafts with students, I like fun, do it yourself science experiments. Being able to see, touch, feel and smell makes it easier to retain new information. Connecting a new information with an experience makes that new knowledge easier to retain.