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Pamela W

English, Social Studies, History, Homework Help Tutor

University of Massachusetts; San Diego State University

Majors: English, ESL

Other Certificates: Teaching Credential, MA

About Me



A teacher’s role is to provide a caring, safe, and stimulating environment where students can learn and grow academically, emotionally, and socially. I create authentic lessons and projects that are relevant to students’ lives and interests as a way to increase their motivation for learning. Because empowerment is an effective learning tool, I give students choices as well as the freedom to voice their opinions and ideas about lessons, procedures, rules, and projects as a way to encourage self-discovery, motivation, and self-esteem.

Ultimately, an educator should act as a guide, showing students different ways to develop their skills and achieve their goals, while providing an engaging, hands-on curriculum that not only connects with students’ interests, but also teaches them respect and responsibility.


After graduating from Piedmont High School in California, I attended college in London, England for a year. From there, I continued pursuing my education, attending San Diego State University, University of Massachusetts, University of San Diego, and other institutions while earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Master’s Degree in English, Teaching Credential in Massachusetts, CLAD, and additional education in the areas of ESL, Social Studies, and Differentiation.


My student-centered approach to learning helps tap into students’ motivation and education in a variety of powerful ways. By giving students voice and choice in classroom decisions, such as how to do homework, when to schedule tests, by generating questions and discussion topics, brainstorming questions to ask students in a writer’s workshop, creating rubrics, submitting paper, project, and assignment topics, and other strategies that make them a valued member of the learning community, my students become motivated to learn. This approach also helps them find a deeper, personal meaning and value in what we study, and in their work.


I have had the opportunity to advise many extracurricular activities, such as drama, journalism, media, graphic design/desktop publishing, leadership, study skills, and ESL. I have enjoyed teaching those courses as much as the English courses I have taught.
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