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Patrick F

Math, Science, Geography, History Tutor

University of Massachusetts

Majors: Animal Science

Minors: Biology

About Me



All students deserve the chance to get an education. For some, this proves to be more challenging than for others. I want to be able to help those students grow and accomplish their goals. I want to enjoy the time with my students and make sure they enjoy learning.


I went to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst for my undergraduate career where I got a B.S in Animal Science as well as a minor in Biology. While at UMass, I took many courses in the sciences. I also conducted my own research in an independent study during my senior year.


In High School I was part of Future Teachers of America. I was a very fulfilling experience during the two years I was apart of it. I would visit an elementary classroom each week and help the students with their coursework. I also was able to add my own experience to the class at times, such as playing the trumpet for the students. It helped me understand what it is like to be in charge of a room of students and how you need to help them on both a group and one on one level.


During High School I was apart of several music programs, such as concert band, jazz band, and pit band. I was also a part of key club and future teachers of America. During college, I was in a summer wind ensemble. I also was a part of the UMass Fencing team for a time.
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