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Paul H

Science Tutor

Florida State University

Majors: Physics and Astrophysics

Minors: Mathematics

About Me



When it comes to physics and math problems, knowing the right answer is not as important as knowing how to get the right answer. No question should therefore ever be considered too simple or easy to be given a complete and thorough explanation. By the end of any session, the student should know each step needed to solve the problem on their own. To accomplish this effectively, each session should be full of cogent two way communication, practical time management and respect.


I began taking courses at Florida State University, Majoring in Physics and Astrophysics and Minoring in Mathematics. I studied general physics as well as astrophysical sciences such as cosmology.


I have been tutoring for both physics and some astrophysics. I also tutored while attending Florida State. I have found that I have a passion for teaching physics concepts and problem solving skills to students who want to learn.


Other than my passion for physics, I have a possibly greater passion for music. I preform both guitar and drums in multiple bands.