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Preston S

Math, Science, Geography Tutor

Saint Mary’s University

Majors: General Science

About Me



I have a holistic view to education and I believe it is an integrated system that requires input from various sources whether it is environmental, social, academic etc. I believe creativity and social interaction are the key mechanisms required for a healthy relationship with education and lead to a love for life long learning.


I began studying geography before moving on to math, earth science and then finally engineering. I am also ex military in which I spent 2 years in the Royal Canadian Navy in between studies.


I have experience as a rugby coach and nutritional mentor. I am currently a teaching assistant for engineering design at Saint Mary’s University Halifax.


I have participated in various extracurricular activities including university and club rugby, recreational coed soccer and afternoon academic help sessions. I have also completed many online courses in an effort to broaden my understanding of various subjects ranging from philosophy to religion to electronics. I am also an avid gamer and frequently organize groups where people can come and enjoy socializing and have fun gaming.