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Priya B

English Tutor

University of Central Florida

Majors: English Education

About Me



I believe that everyone has the potential to learn and wants to learn; all they need is someone who believes in them. I understand that learning is not easy for everyone and I hope to ease that. I like to compare the things I’m teaching with topics that my students like and can draw a clear comparison from. I also think that in order for a student to understand something, they have to practice it in everyday use. I think that the best thing a teacher can do is intrigue their students on the topic at hand, so that they want to learn.


I attended Lake Sumter Community College for two years, and completed my degree at the University of Central Florida. School has always been something that I enjoy, because I love the atmosphere of it. I enjoy watching passionate teachers teach, and with that, I learn and enjoy the learning experience. My education and school has always been important to me, and something that I value.


I volunteered at a local middle school for a year; more recently, the relationship between myself and the school has been more formalized, so I am now doing an internship there.


I believe that, in this lifetime, you have to make memories. While there are certain things that I probably would never try, I love just being outside and taking in my surroundings. I love to paint/draw, as well as dance and sing–although I may not necessarily sing well. Nature is something I can just sit and watch all day, and every time I see a beautiful view, no matter how many similar there are to it, it still takes my breath away.
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