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Rebecca G

English, Social Studies, Geography, History Tutor

Trent University

Majors: Geography

Minors: Business

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Ontario

About Me



My approach to teaching is based on two important components. The first component has to do with overall learning. I believe in teaching children but letting them lead the way. Students are much more engaged in their own learning if they help steer it. This includes having choices and allowing students to review and critique their own work. The second is an emphasis on the basics. I think that the basics need to be taught, understood and in some instances, memorized. A solid background of basic knowledge will help build confidence in all other aspects of learning. Confidence building and small successes will lead to higher achievement overall and a more positive attitude toward learning.


I graduated from Trent University where I majored in Environmental Resource studies and Geography with a Business studies option. I then attended Nipissing University in North Bay for Teacher’s College in the junior/Intermediate/Senior Division. Since then, I have gained qualifications in Special Ed, Honours Geography and Primary Divisions.


I have had 6 years of experience teaching in Ontario at the local high schools. I taught a variety of courses, and spent 4 years assigned to the Independent Learning Room as a one-on-one teacher to students working on a variety of subjects independently. These included English, Social Studies, Math, and Science and Health.


In order to help combat the problem of suicide on the James Bay Coast, I was involved in many healthy living initiatives. This included the lunch and breakfast program at the high school. I was also involved in the Diabetes Prevention Fitness program. The fitness program promotes physical health, and I was lucky enough to assist in the presentation of the actual classes.

I have led students in snowshoeing, x-country skiing, quincee building. lean-to construction, compass and GPS skills, geocaching, plant and wildlife species identification, dog sledding, ice fishing, first aid, archery, leadership skills, canoeing, camping, outdoor cooking and the ultimate culminating activity-a 3 to 5 night canoe trip which included portaging and white water.

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