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Robert T

English Tutor

University of Florida

Majors: English, Journalism

Other Certificates: Masters: Education Media; Teacher Certification: Florida; AA: General Education

About Me



I believe in always placing the needs of students first. Educators who do this usually find that every decision they make and every action they take works out for the best.
I believe that every student deserves the best education possible and that educators should strive to make sure that they do all in their power to provide that education. To this end, I believe that every student is capable of learning.

I believe that teachers should strive to maintain their ethics, professionalism, and public image at all times. They should be honest, diplomatic, and dignified in every situation.


After graduating from high school in 1983, I began my college career at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida, where I earned an AA degree in general education. After completing HCC, I transferred to the University of Florida, where I earned a BS degree in Journalism and a BA in English. While teaching, I also attended the University of South Florida, where I eared an MA degree in education media.


My most recent teaching experience was teaching English language arts at an American-style school in Saigon, Vietnam. I taught there and also worked as an administrator for six years. Prior to that, I taught English and journalism and worked as a school media specialist at two different high schools in the state of Florida for a total of 10 years.


My extracurricular activities include photography, writing, website design, and travel. I very much enjoy music and I love to relax by playing the electric bass. I am constantly reading, studying, and learning new things. I have a wide variety of interests and always strive to keep up with current events.