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Ryan Z

Science, Social Studies Tutor

Appalachian State University

Majors: Cell/Molecular Biology

Minors: Psychology

About Me



As a recent graduate of college, I have had the opportunity to experience many styles of learning and teaching, along with many types of students. Rather than intelligence, I believe the most predictive quality of a student’s success is self-motivation. Therefore, a teacher ought to promote students’ self-esteem and foster their curiosity.

Perhaps the best way to motivate students to learn is to make them accountable for the information. This can be accomplished by a variety of means such as peer teaching, collaborative efforts, and presenting information in a meaningful way.


I graduated from First Flight High School in 2009 with a GPA of 4.0 with the intention of pursuing a degree in Biology at Appalachian State University. During my first two years App State, I was exposed to a variety of courses ranging from Chemistry to Theater. In the following two years, I obtained a strong background in the basic sciences, along with a thorough understanding of the human body.

Also, I was awarded recognition on the Dean’s List every semester of attendance. In 2013, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Cell/Molecular Biology and with a minor in Psychology.


While I have no formal teaching experience, I have been helping my peers understand science classes since my freshman year of college. I first began assisting classmates because I found that it made me accountable for the information I was teaching. Also, I enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing people grasp new concepts and feel a sense of pride in their own intelligence and skills.

Looking back on my experiences tutoring, I now see the most valuable learning tool is critical thinking. While it is difficult to teach, it is an essential skill that is applicable in any academic field, and in everyday life.


When outside of school or work, I enjoy exercising, writing fiction, cooking, playing music, and spending time with friends. From an early age, I have been exercising for fun, relaxation, and for competition. From writing songs to legends about my native island (the Outer Banks), my passion for writing has branched in several directions. As with any person, a balanced life is a good life. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, which is often centered around mutual interests we share.