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Saadia H

English, Social Studies, Geography, History Tutor

University of Texas, Dallas

Majors: American Studies

Other Certificates: M.A., Dispute Resolution; Teaching Certification: Texas

About Me



Learning should be fun. It should be flexible, but still have parameters. Students should be able to connect with what they learn and understand the implications education has on their realities and the world as a whole.


I graduated from a private high school. I have attended home schooling, public school, private school, as well as schooling abroad. I have an Associates Diploma with an emphasis in Peace Studies, a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies and a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution. I am also court certified to mediate in the state of Texas and have a certificate in Conflict Coaching.


I have taught Social Studies to middle and high school students. I have also been the homeroom teacher for Fourth grade, where I taught all core subjects as well as art and physical education. I have tutored government, writing, history, and elementary math, and speech.


I participated in a basketball team while in school. I also learned horseback riding. I have always enjoyed creative writing. I also participated in a debate team. Much of my spare time has gone towards volunteering for non profit organizations.
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