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Samuel T

English, ACT Tutor

Mercy College

Majors: Secondary Education

Other Certificates: NYC Teacher Certificate

About Me



I believe that, with proper instruction and the right methodology, all children can learn. The demands of our modern society require that teachers are highly proficient. Therefore, we have a commitment with our school communities and parents to provide a high quality education to our students.


I am finishing up two manuscripts for the Reading and Writing Center that will facilitate instructional delivery in the areas of writing research papers and preparing for the CUNY tests. I have always been interested in and have invested in educational courses aimed at self improvement.


I have worked as a tenured English and Spanish teacher, a NYS certified Social Studies teacher, a math and computer instructor and a technical English instructor. These different assignments have enable me to meet students of a wide variety of interests and specializations, and to be able to respond to the demands for more creative approach in the designing of courses, assessment tools and support materials for students. I have supported most of my work with my own creations which also include the designing of classroom materials for bilingual students.
I work with university freshmen preparing them for the CUNY reading and writing tests. I also assist students in writing research papers.


I work on video editing and computer programming in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am involve in community and church outreach. I practice my language skills by speaking to friends regularly in Spanish and French, and I go jogging when the weather is good.
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