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Sandra C

English, Languages, SAT Tutor

Texas Wesleyan University

Majors: Bilingual Education

About Me



Learners need strong motivation and a dedicated facilitator to provide them with support. The ability to provide pacing and consistent feedback that is empowering and supportive makes a positive difference in achieving higher levels of learning.


My career began on an educational ice cream truck that was refurbished to house a mobile classroom. I was in charge of knocking on doors and bringing parents to my van to help them teach their children how to read and play. My appreciation for parents increased as I saw the power of a teacher, parent, and student engaged in learning activities.

I began to explore various educational topics in bilingual education, reading, and administration. The additional studies have allowed me to work as a dean in a university, principal of a charter school and the most importantly – your child’s teacher.


I have designed online and on-ground instructional programs focused on authentic assessment and aligned to state standards. I have ten years experience teaching adults, teaching practitioners to include principals and teachers of primary and high school levels. I am able to adapt my teaching style to include the success and comfort of any generational learner.


Currently, I am a volunteer community marketing coordinator for a foster kids organization in my hometown. In addition, I am currently working on researching focused on how to best serve parents who have children with diverse needs. Also, my family and I compete in mini marathons and we like to train as a family.