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Sandra G

English Tutor

Stanford University

Majors: German Language and Literature

Other Certificates: MA: Linguistics; Ph.D: Linguistics

About Me



I believe that each individual has his/her own style of learning, and that it is the responsibility of public education to discover and honor this learning style within the classroom setting. I also believe that all children have a right to a fair and equitable education despite any differences in background or behavior that a child might display.


I have gone to school through the advanced graduate level, and, in so doing, have learned a lot about learning. I know that I am able to translate this into effective teaching skills that I can use with my students. Specifically, I received my doctorate and Masters in Linguistics from Brown University and my BA in German Language and Literature from Stanford.


I have taught for eight and a half years at the college level at Bridgewater State University. My students were studying to become teachers in the public school setting. I have also tutored on an individual basis and substitute taught at all grade levels.


I am an avid reader of fiction. I also enjoy movies and live theatre productions, both musical theatre and other stage productions. I love to go to live concerts as well. I enjoy walking and being in the out of doors all year round.
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