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Sarah L

English Tutor

State University College at New Paltz, NY

Majors: Philosophy, History

Other Certificates: MFA: Creative Writing; JD: Law

About Me



I can sum up my teaching philosophy this way: firstly, present the material clearly, concisely, and in several different ways in order to accommodate different learning styles, cultural diversity, and age groups. Secondly, invite questions and comments, answer them promptly, and be available in several different venues in order to facilitate this process.
Thirdly, use rubrics and inserted comments to provide a balance of positive feedback and constructive criticism on assignments so that students are encouraged to continue striving to develop skills.

Fourthly, make and invite connections between the material being taught and the student’s personal and professional life.
Fifthly, maintain a professional instructor-student relationship that leaves room for the personal touch. Lastly, use humor whenever possible!


I have an Honors BA in philosophy and history, an MFA in creative writing, a JD in law, 26 credit hours toward a Ph.D. in English, creative writing, and I have started a graduate certificate program in instructional design.


I have taught and tutored online since 2002. Before that, I taught and tutored in the classroom. Courses include composition, advanced composition, writing the research paper, business writing, and creative writing.


I enjoy hiking, reading, writing, listening to music, swimming, biking, and cooking. I also enjoy caring for pets.
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