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Shaunte T

Math, Science Tutor

University of South Alabama

Majors: Chemical Engineering

About Me



I believe that all students can learn, and enjoy learning. Regardless of the differences in the way students learn, patience and creativity can go a long way in reaching and teaching them. All progress is progress, no matter how small it may seem, and should be celebrated and built upon. I also believe that students should be given the opportunity to express their ideas on how to solve problems in controlled environment which allows then to practice for uncontrolled, real-world events.

I feel that it should be expressed to the child that there are various ways of learning and should be exposed to different teaching styles that all accommodates all students to ensure they meet their educational goals. I believe that we as adults have a very important job whether it is continuing educating ourselves and active involvement in our schools to ensure our children are given every opportunity possible to lead a successful life.


I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of South Alabama in 2003. While having pursued a degree in engineering, it has allowed me to become very skillful in analyzing problems and developing results.

While working as an Engineer, I have obtained seven years of valuable engineering and project management experience. I also obtained three valuable years as a Geometry and Algebra II instructor in the state of Florida. All previous positions have allowed me to develop my communication, organizational, and mathematics skills.


I have experience as an Intensive Algebra and Geometry Teacher.


I enjoy playing my clarinet and passing the love of music to my children. I enjoy working in my garden with my family and going fishing.
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