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Shelby R

Math, Science, English Tutor

Central Connecticut State University

Majors: Music Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Connecticut

About Me



My philosophy is that all students should have fun while learning. All students should feel confident and work past their full potential. They should feel excited to learn, but not pressured in the process. Always work for what you want to achieve success.


I am a PreK-12 certified music teacher. I not only took music and education classes, but was required to take math, science, English, physics, and history as well. At Central Connecticut State University being a music education major is like being a double major. We are required to know every subject in detail.


I have taught various subjects during my time as a substitute and was requested by teachers to come back and teach their elementary education classes. I was a long term music substitute at an academy for intelligent students. I worked teaching violin and piano lessons, and have tutored various children in general subjects.


I train at a bootcamp 4 days a week. I feed the homeless every month organic food because I believe everyone no matter the circumstance should eat healthy. I am a blogger and I blog about health, education, recipes, fitness, and music. I enjoy attending Bible Studies.