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Somdatta G

English, SAT Tutor

University of Massachusetts

Majors: Education (ELA)

Minors: German

Other Certificates: Massachusetts Test for Education Licensure (Qualified)

About Me



Education is a journey to rethink and let others be enlightened. A believer in the conventional and non-conventional method of teaching, I truly think it is important for the student to apply his knowledge in practical life as well.

Reading books are important, but at the same time the student should understand the significance of the matter he is learning. For example, if he is learning about Conservation in Science, they should also be able to apply the conservative methods like recycling and prevention of waste in real life.


Studying literature and culture of multiple ethnicity is a passion for me. I have been able to meet my passion through studying multi-disciplinarian text while pursuing my under-graduate studies.

As my interest started growing, I was also interested in writing and therefore went for a Mass Communication. I realized it is also important to teach people how to write effectively and I pursued a Master in Education (teaching ELA).


I remember my first student who came to me as a challenge. Not only did he have writing difficulty, but also had behavioral issues. The thought of giving up was not a possibility for me. I remained strong willed and today, that boy is a graduate in Business Management.


Being interested in learning through various media, I always encourage students to try in everything. It was a delightful experience as a coordinator in a Cultural Night Out at a school I was teaching. I enjoyed throwing riddles toward students and see them jump with eager answers.
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