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Stephen A

Science Tutor

Marshall Unversity

Majors: Secondary Education

Other Certificates: MS Education: Educational Leadership and Supervision

About Me



My philosophy on education is that rigorous academic program is a priority. I want to be committed to the concept that all children can learn. I want to be able increase my students’ abilities in areas of need. I want use the data to create action plans for my students to help them succeed on school.

Also I would like to academically challenge my students to solve problems scientifically and use the data collected to come up with reasonable solutions to solving problems, not just in school but also in real life situations. The faculty/staff and parents are all stakeholders in the learning community.



I have 25 years of teaching in the state of Virginia. The areas I’ve taught have been in the areas of science. I have taught General science, which includes astronomy, meteorology, and environmental science. I have also taught Life Science, which includes cells, genetics, and ecology. Finally I have also taught the Physical Sciences. All of this was done at Middle schools in an urban and suburban setting.


Extracurricular experiences include science club, marching band percussion, and percussion ensemble. I have also coached a number of sporting programs, including inline hockey, ice hockey, and baseball. I have also been a yearbook sponsor.