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Surabhi J

Math, Science, Homework Help, Study Skills Tutor

McGill University

Majors: Mechanical Engineering

Other Certificates: Masters: Engineering

About Me



Education is for life and mastering the art of learning at a young age is extremely fruitful because it can be applied to any future tasks at any stage of life. Rote learning is never useful, especially for problem solving which is a major part of the sciences. Learning how to develop an approach when a problem in given, how to link two or more concepts is a very handy skill. Finally, students as well as education providers should approach any subject with a level of enthusiasm and not just for passing classes. It makes learning fun as well as less stressful.


I completed my bachelors in mechanical engineering in 2011 and decided to undertake graduate studies from 2011-2013. I went to McGill university for both my undergraduate and graduate studies. My masters was with the MEMS group at McGill.


I am registered as a private tutor with McGill since 2008; however, alumni are automatically removed from this list after two years of graduation. I tutor mathematics (elementary, high school, calculus I and II, intermediate calculus, advanced calculus, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations), physics (electrostatics and magnetism), general chemistry, and mechanical engineering classes.
In my undergrad, I was a teaching assistant for a partial differential equations class. During my undergrad and masters, I also tutored first year students and athletics students in a classroom environment. I was also responsible for preparing a final review before their exams.

I have also substituted for a McGill professor for a continuing education course (college algebra and functions).


My main hobby is reading books. I write a science related article every month for Technophilic Magazine. I really enjoy swimming and taking long walks. I enjoy cycling but I do it only rarely at the moment. Since a year or two ago, I have also started to bake occasionally.


On my IELTS, I received a 9.0 on my Listening, an 8.5 on Reading, a 7.6 on Writing, and an 8.5 on Speaking, which is an overall band score of 8.5.

On the SAT II, I received a 740 on Math level 2, a 730 on Physics, and a 750 on Chemistry.