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Suzanne R

English, Social Studies, Geography, History Tutor

Syracuse University – Utica College

Majors: Education, Social Science

Minors: Literature

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Florida

About Me



I believe that with proper teacher guidance, all students are capable of learning anything they set their minds to. I am a big proponent of Howard Garner’s idea of multiple intelligences. I believe it is necessary for each teacher to tap into the learning style(s) that works best for each individual student.


I received my Bachelor of Arts from Utica College of Syracuse University. After graduation, I moved to Rhode Island and then to Florida. I continued taking college level classes in education, language arts, and theater arts at various universities and colleges within those states. I also took some classes at the University of Nebraska while there for a week long theater arts conference.


I have over 12 years teaching experience. I have worked at rural and inner city schools and at public, private and charter schools.
In New York, I worked in a high school and middle school as a student teacher. I then landed my first teaching job as a Regents exam tutor. I moved to Rhode Island where I taught at a farm school, a Catholic school, a high school and a middle school. From there we moved to Florida, where I worked at a two charter schools, a Catholic school, and a private high school attached to a university.


I have been the drama teacher and advisor at multiples schools. I also have taught and have been the advisor for the school newspaper at two schools. I created and developed a drama curriculum for the Archdiocese of Miami. I also led the school’s televised morning announcements.
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