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Sylvia B

Math, Science Tutor

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Majors: Botany

Other Certificates: University of Florida: PhD. in Horticulture – Plant Breeding

About Me



I believe that it is essential that every student have a solid foundation in science and math. As adults they will hold jobs, have families, vote, be jurors and serve their communities. Many of the decisions they will have to make in these capacities will require them to have a basic knowledge of science and math in order to make their decisions intelligently. It is therefore, my responsibility to encourage and nurture them in their science and math studies. I can do this best by providing a learning environment that is safe, stimulating and challenging. It is important to be aware of individual needs and different learning styles.


I received my bachelor’s degree in botany from the University of Arkansas. I studied plant breeding in the horticulture department at the University of Arkansas. My Masters of Science degree research was on increasing sugar content in peaches for Gerber Baby Foods. I continued to study plant breeding at the University of Florida. My Ph.D. research was with blueberries. The goal of my project was to increase drought tolerance in cultivated blueberries by crossing them with sparkle berries.


I am an avid reader; I read as much as possible and especially like mysteries. I love to sew and do needle work and in the past, made all my clothes. I knit, crochet, cross stitch, quilt and more. I find it very relaxing to stitch in the evenings. I also love to travel. I lived for a year in Japan and England while I was growing up. I’ve visited China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Morocco, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Turkey and many countries in Europe.