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Takisha B

English, Elementary Education, Homework Help Tutor

Oakwood University

Majors: Theology

About Me



I have to come to understand that every student learns in his or her own way. The way each person is raised has an effect on the way they approach school as a whole. As a tutor I am here to help the individual learner. I am here to help them reveal the answers for themselves.


I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Oakwood University in Theology. I took one year off to do missionary work where I was able to do most of my teaching in various schools. I graduated in 2014 with my Bachelor of Arts Degree.


I have experience tutoring and mentoring students in groups and one-on-one in Huntsville, AL.


I won the Gold Key in Scholastics for my photography in High School. I was placed as the Music coordinator for a college program called Power Hour. The following year I was given the Directors position over the largest student body program. I was over the creativity behind the skits, music, videos and speakers for each week.