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Tanya C

Math, Science Tutor

Cornell University

Majors: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Other Certificates: M.Sc., Engineering

About Me



My teaching philosophy is passion-based, positive teaching that is grounded in real world application. I aim to encourage the growth of independent life-long learners with strong critical thinking skills, planning and problem-solving capabilities, and technical mastery.

Students should be encouraged to structure their education around their personal interests and professional goals to empower them to take ownership of their learning. Students are diverse with individualized strengths and unique perspectives to contribute to the world. I seek to instill confidence with a can-do attitude towards any goal.


I have a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degree from Cornell University with published research experience in gravity driven water treatment technologies. I have professional experience as a consultant in environmental remediation. I am transitioning to the medical profession and have experience with pre-medical requirements.


As a researcher, I have experience presenting original research to college level students. I have tutored formally and informally from the middle school level to the college level. I have tutored mathematics from basic arithmetic up to Algebra II, General and Organic Chemistry, General Biology, Molecular Biology, and Genetics.


I volunteer at hospitals and in health related programs. I have experience in the emergency room and with spreading autism awareness. To enrich my professional goals, I also study the humanities including philosophy, psychology, sociology, and anthropology.