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Tatum N

Science, Homework Help Tutor

Texas A&M

Majors: Oceanography, Marine Biology

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Texas, MS: Oceanography

About Me



I believe that learning is best accomplished when students are enthusiastically engaged in a lesson and can relate concepts to their every day lives. As a teacher, I strive to provide that enthusiasm and real life application with varieties of strategies which encourage students to explore & engage within the lesson followed by the explanation and evaluation of their learning.


I have a very solid background in science in all fields. I hold a bachelors degree in marine biology from the University of North Carolina and a masters in oceanography from Texas A&M University. I also hold a Texas Teaching License.


I have been an education volunteer for North Carolina Aquariums for five years, assisted undergraduates as a graduate teaching assistant for science labs at Texas A&M University for 2 years, and have taught high school (9-12th) science for 10years.


I enjoy family time with my fiancé and three children exploring the beach, hiking, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking and hunting. I am an avid runner and outdoors momma. Sunshine and salt water are my “cure-alls”.