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SchoolTutoring Academy offers tutoring programs across all cities in Virginia. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.

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Sutherland, VA

Douglas Y. – Math/Science Tutor – Sutherland, VA
Frostburg State UniversityPhysics
“Being able to relate abstract concepts to students in imperative.”

Troy, VA

Maya L. – English Tutor – Troy, VA
George Mason UniversityCommunications, Film, Biology, Geography
“Throughout my professional career, I have strived to educate people of all different ages through the use of media.”

Virginia Beach, VA

Derrick W. – Math Tutor – Virginia Beach, VA
Georgia Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering
“It is paramount that both educators and parents be in lockstep to ensure consistency both at home and in the classroom – communication is key!”
Lauren W. – Science Tutor – Virginia Beach, VA
State University of New York at GeneseoBiochemistry
“An effective teacher is a lifelong student, seeking knowledge and passing this belief onto students.”
Old Dominion UniversityB.S. in Education
“I pride myself on my ability to connect with each and every one of my students with a variety of fun, engaging, and innovative teaching strategies.”
Regent UniversityBusiness Administration
“Every day I have the opportunity to assist students with retaining course concepts by utilizing “real-world” examples.

Stephen A. – Science Tutor – Virginia Beach, VA
Marshall UnversitySecondary Education
“I would like to academically challenge my students to solve problems scientifically and use the data collected to come up with reasonable solutions to solving problems, not just in school but also in real life situations.”

Winchester, VA

Cynthia P. – English Tutor – Winchester, VA
Pennsylvania State UniversityGeneral Arts and Sciences
“All students can learn, just not in the same way, or on the same day.”

Woodbridge, VA

Latasha M. – English Tutor – Woodbridge, VA
Virginia Union UniversityMusic Performance
“All children can learn, it’s about finding out what their journey is and getting them there.”