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Val H

English, Social Studies, Elementary Education, Special Education Tutor

Crandall University,

Majors: Education, Psychology, Sociology

Other Certificates: Certificate: Resource Education

About Me



My philosophy is student centered and focuses on providing a safe environment where all students are welcome and will be invited to share their thoughts and ideas a we learn together.

My lessons will be authentic, clear and purposeful and be creative, engaging and cross-curricular. Lessons will include balanced literacy and numeracy including a variety of teaching techniques to include MI’s, various learning levels and Bloom’s Taxonomy. Assessments will provide invaluable information about each individual student’s learning ability and it will show me where the students are thriving or struggling and how I will need to change me teaching technique to provide the best learning experience.


In 2001, I received degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Crandall University. Recently, I went back to Crandall for a Bachelor’s degree in education, completing it in 2012. In addition, I received a certificate in Resource Education in 2013.


Since 2001 I have been working in the education field as a SIW – School Intervention Worker – looking after the TSPC classroom (also called the in-school suspension room) – students with behavior issues due to their background, academic struggles, lack of sleep, or home life. Students come to my room for various reasons: they need extra academic help, struggle socially, or want a safe place to work throughout the day.

For the past year, I have been supply teaching in grades K-8 in various subjects. I have also supplied for Resource teachers and Guidance teachers.


Some of the extracurricular activities I have been able to do with my school are: the Breakfast program – providing a healthy breakfast for hungry students; students selling magazines, a school fundraiser; recycling projects, helping students collect recyclable items and then donating the money earned to the local SPCA. In addition, I connect students to the community and help them understand the value of volunteer work. I have also done work on the Wall of Fame, which displays students achievements, and on African Heritage Month, promoting programs for racial / ethnic awareness and acceptance.
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