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Victoria L

Science Tutor

St. Peter’s University

Majors: Community Health

Other Certificates: M.A.Ed., Administration and Supervision; Teaching Certification: New Jersey

About Me



My educational philosophy has changed through my years of experience. I believe each student can learn, it is our job as their teachers to help them find what works, what doesn’t and teach them about how they learn best. At that point, they can learn any subject needed.


I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health, a Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision and I am also a certified teacher in the state of New Jersey.


Upon entering the field of teaching, I was the Lead Science Teacher in a K-8 school where I was allowed to build the curriculum and was sought out for science related guidance. I then transferred to a public school system where I was brought in to teach a variety of preps due to my versatility. After being a stay-at-home mom for a few years, I decided to head back to work and found an excellent and fulfilling job as a hospital tutor in my area. I have continually honed in my teaching talents which is innate in my being.

After working with regular ed, ESL and inclusion classes, I was lucky enough to work with many students who have a variety of disabilities and have made great progress with them educationally. One current student is a severely disabled young man who is non-verbal. Undergoing any medical procedure was traumatizing because it was not made aware to medical staff his cognitive ability. I was able to show them, through a series of pictures and sight words that he can communicate, he just needs the right tools and mode.


Going to the gym is a favorite activity for me. It helps me clear my mind which helps me focus on the concerns/issues that are important. I can then problem solve with clarity.