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Vincent I

Math Tutor

University of North Florida

Majors: Bachelor’s in Business Administration – Focus Management

Other Certificates: Florida State University – Bachelor’s in Business Administration

About Me



My education philosophy is to assist the student in understanding “why” and “how” things are done the way they are – not just providing formulas for memorization. Oftentimes, students struggle with understanding due to the fact that they have not been given the proper instruction as to why we calculate things in a certain way.
If I had to pick one tenet I base my teaching style on – it would be this: to engage the student to help them better understand the finer details of why we calculate things in the manner that we learn. Some students may be fine with just getting a formula list; however, the vast majority of students will perform better if we can explain the thought process behind where that formula came from. This style can only go so far in the math arena. Using a hands-on approach with physical manipulatives.

Above and beyond – keeping the student engaged is key – and the approach that treats the student as intelligent to understand the idea behind things will most likely be the most successful in keeping the level of engagement and interest high, at least in my opinion.


I received my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Florida State University and participated in regular study sessions with peers.


I conduct training for co-workers at my full time place of employment as a medical stop loss underwriter. Other than that – I conducted study sessions for various subjects including economics & statistics with class mates when I was enrolled at UNF.


I enjoy reading books and articles on theoretical physics, astrophysics, cosmology, and astronomy. I am very interested in space and the theories of the universe. I love animals and have two amazing dogs. I love to cook & travel with my fiancée whenever I can, and I enjoy helping her with her design endeavours as she is finishing up her major in Graphic Design.