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Wynee G

English, Social Studies, History, Elementary Education Tutor

St. Joseph’s College

Majors: Criminal Justice

Minors: Business Administration

About Me



Ensuring that each student is feeling confident about their work and assignments. Its important to build confidence in the students and nurture them towards the assistance that they need in whatever areas of difficulty that they are experiencing with. Then that will translate on how they approach things not only in their schooling, but in everything else as well.


I attended a four year private liberal arts college that covered everything from accounting to the arts. Throughout my college tenure I was able to take courses in not only my Criminal Justice major but in English, math, and the sciences. The diversity in my education has equipped me in my past work environment. I received my Bachelor’s Degree at St. Joseph’s College with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Business Administration.


I have experience tutoring students in small groups and in one-on-one environments.


My hobbies included reading, visiting museums such as the MET or Brooklyn Museum, and walks among the piers. I am currently working on joining the Creative Arts ministry in the young adult ministry at my church. I recently came back from a retreat where to was able to serve and be a volunteer for the meals committee.