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Learn about the Maryland MSA tests including the importance of the test, when it is typically taken and programs SchoolTutoring Academy offers to help prepare for this test.

MSA Tutoring – Maryland Students

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Understanding the MSA

Students in Maryland take the Maryland School Assessments (MSAs) in reading and mathematics in grades 3 – 8. The Maryland School Assessment in Science is given to students in grades 5-8. For high school students, the Maryland High School Assessments (HSAs) are given in English, Biology and Algebra/data analysis; passing these assessments is a part of graduation requirements.

Format of the MSA

The Maryland School Assessment in English and Mathematics for students in grades 3-8 requires students to answer questions in a multiple-choice and constructed-response format. The MSA in English covers grade-level content in the areas of reading comprehension, composition, language usage and the ability to evaluate/interpret texts. The MSA in Mathematics tests students on grade-level material covering numbers/number relationships, algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics/probability.

Taking the MSA

The Maryland School Assessment (MSA) for grades 3-8 is given over four days; two days for reading and two for mathematics. The tests are administered in March; however consult with your district for actual test dates. Students take the test for 90 minutes each of the four days. The High School Assessments are given in October and January, though districts should be consulted for actual test dates. The tests are each about an hour in length. Students who do not pass the HSA are able to retake the test.