Structure of the SAT US History

The SAT US History test is an hour long test comprised of 90 multiple-choice questions, each with five answer choices. The questions cover all time periods of American history including the Pre-Columbian period to 1789 (20%), history topics from 1790 to 1898 (40%) and finally, 1899 to the present day (40%). Further, the questions are divided between these topics:


political history


economic history


social history


intellectual and cultural history


foreign policy

Students that have excelled or enjoyed history class are encouraged to take the SAT U.S. History subject test in order to showcase their skill and possibly apply for a credit for the introductory courses in college pertaining to U.S. history.

Format of the SAT US History test

➪ 60 minutes long (1 hour)

➪ 90 multiple choice questions

➪ Questions cover all time periods of American history

"I’m passionate about history and it’s application to today’s current events. I find helping students make that connection often sparks a deeper interest in the subject."

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