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Alanna B

English, ACT, Social Studies, History Tutor

The University of Western Ontario

Majors: Media Studies

Other Certificates: M.A., Media Studies

About Me



I believe in patience and persistence. Every student has the skills and ability to grasp concepts, it just takes time to discover the right approach because not every student approaches a subject identically. Students need someone on their side to believe that they can do it.


I have an undergraduate degree in Media Studies, and have taken various courses in English, Social Science, History and Media Studies Faculties. I was placed on the Dean’s Honours List and graduated with distinction. I have also completed my Masters of Arts in Media Studies, producing a 130 page thesis.


I have experience teaching Undergraduate students while I completed my Masters. I Led hour long classes with 25-30 students. I developed lesson plans each week that integrated lecture content with participative activities. I also met with students one-on-one in office hours to help them with class assignments and concepts taught in class.


I have experience in the arts – I am a dancer (ballet), and have participated in many theatre shows and attended a Performing Arts high school where I majored in Theatre. I also have a passion for Visual Art.