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Alicia G

English, ACT, SAT Tutor

Grand Valley State University

Majors: English

Minors: Spanish

Other Certificates: M.A., Linguistics; Teaching Certification: Florida

About Me



Learning is about asking students the right questions in the right order so that they can come to understanding themselves, rather than having answers handed to them. Good teaching is teaching students to think, not simply reproduce facts.


I have a Bachelors from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, and a Masters in Linguistics from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. I’m a life-long learner and enjoy professional development seminars and workshops. Professional development and continued education are very important to me as I strive to become better at my craft each year.


I have taught all levels, from preschool to secondary school; I have taught secondary school for the past 8 years. I teach English language and literature and journalism.


I volunteer at my local church, working with the youth there; the youth group is for students from 6-12th grades. At work, I moderate the improv club (I do improvisational acting) and co-moderate the Student Activities Council. I also helped begin and currently moderate a drum line.