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Amy C

Math, Science, ACT Tutor

University of British Columbia

Majors: Chemistry

Minors: Mathematics

Other Certificates: M.Sc., Chemistry

About Me



My primary teaching philosophy is to be inquisitive and enthusiastic about the subjects I am teaching in order to encourage students to be the same. Students don’t learn how to think about problems by memorizing figures or formulas but by learning how to approach problems, and I wish to reflect that in my teaching style. Learning science and mathematics isn’t just about memorizing numbers and facts, but about learning how to interpret the world around us and learning how to think rationally. The best teachers I’ve had allow students to work out problems on their own while offering support when necessary, and I would like to emulate their success. I wish to lead my students to inquisitive, rational thought.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. During my Degree I took several chemistry, mathematics, and physics courses to help build a strong scientific background. In addition, I took philosophy, psychology, literature, sociology, world history, American government and politics, and biology to try to diversify my knowledge. Once I finished my Bachelor’s Degree, I completed a Master’s degree in chemistry with an emphasis on ecology, oceanography, and the environment.


I have worked with chemistry students for several years. During my undergraduate degree, I worked as a tutor on a walk-in basis, where students would drop in with their material. I mostly worked with first-year students in general chemistry but I tutored some students in organic chemistry as well. During my Master’s degree I worked as an assistant for a large (250 student) class, where I made exams, organized large tutorial sessions, created online quizzes and problem sets, and occasionally worked as a fill-in lecturer. I also tutored first-year students in a similar capacity to my undergraduate work. Lastly, I have lectured and organized laboratories for first-and-second-year chemistry students.


In my free time I work on creative writing and art, and I enjoy a variety of sports including volleyball and softball. I also enjoy volunteer work, particularly at hospitals and nursing homes. For a while before becoming a chemistry student I was interested in becoming a nurse, and my interest in helping people remains.
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