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Ashley H

Math, Science, English, Languages Tutor

The University Of Western Ontario

Majors: English Language & Literature

Other Certificates: TEFL Certification

About Me



I believe that everyone can learn. I also believe everyone should have the chance to learn; Malala Yousafzai is a great inspiration to me. I believe that education is most successful when interest is encouraged. Education has the power to provide enlightenment to the individual and to the world, and it is the educator’s great responsibility and privilege.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language & Literature. I have taken additional courses since university, specifically, a writing course for becoming published. I study languages on my own time by use of a dictionary and text. I am currently teaching myself Croatian. I love reading, especially the classics. I consider my education to be a process that will never be finished.


I have tutored kindergarten through grade 12 in Math and English, as well as a number of different subjects depending on the grade, etc. I also have taught ESL to children and adults for many years.


I love to sew. I spend most of my extra hours either sewing or reading. I sometimes teach children how to sew basic items such as pillows, doll clothes, or dress-up costumes. I also volunteer for children’s summer programs at intervals.
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