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Baraka R

Math, ACT, SAT Tutor

Syracuse University

Majors: Computer Engineering

Minors: Electrical Engineering

About Me



My educational philosophy is that everyone with the hope to succeed in academics should receive the gift of knowledge by sharing and learning from one another. It’s more than getting A’s; it’s having the mind of wisdom where you gain understanding and knowledge as a skill. Knowledge equals power!


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and graduated with honors. I have tutored my peers in math, science and computers for more than five years. I love mathematics, computers and science subjects that allow me to be a “class experiment” to share the skills and knowledge to others. I won’t just help you get good grades but I will help you keep the knowledge to help yourself better your knowledge and skills.


I have assisted in many courses I have taken, such as math and computer science classes. Because of my knowledge in these courses, my teacher used me as an assistant in which I would explain the subject matter in my own words to help my classmates understand the concepts better.


I have volunteered at community centers where I tutored kids in grades 4-12 in math and science courses. On the weekends we took the kids to the Science and Technology Museum, engineering firms, and hospitals so that they can see how the subjects are important to society. This helped the kids to love the subjects and have many interests in them. They will realize how much math and science are needed in life.