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Bethany N

English, Languages, Social Studies, Special Education Tutor

University of Guelph

Majors: Psychology

Other Certificates: Social Service Worker Diploma

About Me



Anyone can learn anything. It only takes a little more time or effort for some people and subjects. Figuring out how to learn is like coming alive; it opens up any door you want, and allows you to make new doors for other people as well. Mistakes happen when you explore, and they can teach you something even if they are frustrating.


I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Guelph. I have a social service worker diploma and am also certified in ASIST, NCI, and Mental Health First Aid.

I have always enjoyed time alone to read, think, and write. I’d like to learn as much as possible myself, and along the way I’ve taught students basic literacy to college level writing. I enjoy working with people who have special challenges or issues, or helping a student discover something cool and new in how they think, and convey those thoughts to the world.


I worked as an Educational Assistant in a high school and also as an English Tutor to Family in France (Students 15, 17, and 21), a Writing Tutor in a College Writing Centre (One School Year) and Literacy and Mathematics Tutor (Full Time for One Year; Students age 7-19).


I play piano and guitar, knit, and make things to sell and give away (i.e. jewelry, bookmarks, socks, etc.) I bake bread, write (likely bad) poetry that I refuse to share with anyone yet, and read. I also like watching things, especially if they involve science fiction.