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Camille C

English, Languages Tutor

Concordia University

Majors: English Literature Honors

About Me



Every student is capable of doing well with the right guidance and attitude. I adjust my teaching strategies to fit every student I tutor. In general, I do my best to help my student stay positive about his/her subject, and I give encouraging and constructive feedback. Every student’s mind works in a different way, so I do my best to find clear and helpful explanations that fit my particular student’s learning style.


I went to school in Milton, MA, USA, where I followed the Milton Public Schools’ French Immersion program from grade 1-12. I was an honors student in high school, and took AP French, English, US history, psychology, and AP Calculus. I am currently in my third year of pursuing an Honors degree in English Literature at Concordia University, Montreal, QC. I will graduate in Spring 2018.


I tutored all throughout high school. I’ve tutored two elementary school students in French, one middle school student in Math (Algebra and Geometry), and one high school freshman in English. I led a summer French class for fourth graders in 2015. I taught Sunday school to preschool-aged children for four years at the First Congregational Church in Milton, MA.


I have played the viola for eleven years, and have participated in various orchestras, such as the symphonic orchestra and the chamber orchestra of my high school, as well as a Baroque Chamber Orchestra at the New England Conservatory. I was editor-in-chief of my high school literary magazine The Echo. I continue to write short stories. I enjoy baking.


SAT Score: 2110
SAT II: French: 800