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Elly M

English, ACT, SAT Tutor

University of South Carolina

Majors: English

About Me



Any skill can be improved through training and practice. I provide training and encourage my students to practice, so that they can gain confidence in their new abilities.

I try to make is as easy as possible for them to learn what they need to know. I consider myself more of a coach and a mentor than a teacher.


My Bachelor’s degree was in English, with a Creative Writing track, and my Master’s degree was also in English, with a concentration in American Literature. Since then, I have taken several workshops in facilitating for the University of Phoenix.


I worked as a teaching assistant while in graduate school, mainly providing feedback on student papers. I taught Professional Research and Reporting at a community college and worked as a teaching assistant for Ashford University before becoming an English Instructor for the University of Phoenix. I have worked for the university’s online division for four years.


I spend most of my free time at my children’s sporting events, primarily my daughter’s softball games. If I had more time for myself, I would play tennis and golf.