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Jennifer M

Math, English Tutor

Northern Illinois University

Majors: Music

Minors: vocal emphasis

Other Certificates: Western Governors University/MA in Teaching K-8, in progress

About Me



I believe that all children are capable of succeeding and excelling, though not all children start off with the assistance they need to achieve excellence. Giving students equal help is not fair if the students are not all themselves equal.

With a positive attitude and the help that each individual student needs, all students are capable of meeting and exceeding expectations. As teachers and tutors, it’s our job to help them find the brilliance that already exists within themselves.


In kindergarten through the 12th grade I excelled as a student, typically with honors in everything but science. I went to Northern Illinois University and almost completed the Music Education program K-12 (with at least 500 hours of clinicals and student teaching) but due to financial difficulties graduated with a Music degree sans the education license.

Currently I’m attending Western Governors University which is an online school to get my masters in teaching K-8. So far in my program I have finished every class but the reading/writing portion before beginning my official student teaching. I plan to graduate either this winter or in the coming spring.


Through the music education department, I’ve spent over 500 hours in K-12 music classrooms. Through my masters program, I’ve worked exclusively with kindergarten and 5th grade students, but also tutored K-6 students in the mornings and gave numerous reading and comprehension evaluations (about 300 hours so far). For the past year and a half, I’ve been a private music teacher for singing, piano and guitar and have had about 25 students total from 5-35 years old.


I practice my music (voice, piano, guitar) in my downtime, read books, I experiment with cooking, and have been settling into a new home. I have been involved in my local choir and costuming group as well. I also like playing some video games with my friends – Minecraft, League of Legends, and Monaco.