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Kathleen R

Science, English, Social Studies, Geography Tutor

St. Mary’s College

Majors: History, Political Science

Other Certificates: M.A., Education; Teaching Certification: Illinois

About Me



I believe students should be exposed to a multitude of different types of learning, including play-based (for the youngest of children), classroom based and most importantly experienced based. Students learn best when they are engaged with their surroundings and the subject at hand, and truly have an interest in understanding the world around them. This engagement manifests itself in different learning environments based on the age and personality of the student.


I earned my undergraduate degree in history from St. Mary’s College with a secondary major in political science. I have always been interested in how our country was formed and instilled a strong sense of civic responsibility to my students. I earned my masters in education from Loyola University Chicago and spent a year observing classrooms and student teaching in Evanston, IL. That experience eventually led me to my teaching position within Chicago Public Schools.


I have spent the past six years teaching for the Chicago Public Schools in several different classrooms, from 2nd grade general education to 5th grade reading resource. My experience has been profound and invaluable. I have worked with students with varying education needs, including non-verbal autistic to gifted. I have especially enjoyed teaching reading to 4/5 grade students, as their sparkle and enthusiasm for learning is infectious at that age.


I am a mother of two, which is hardly extracurricular, but requires tremendous energy, patience and skill. I am also an avid reader and runner. I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and friends.