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Keeley M

Math, Science, English Tutor

University of Alberta: Augustana Campus & Kings University College

Majors: English

Minors: Before transferring to Kings University College my minor was Psychology

About Me



I believe that teachers are there to help students discover their talents, then help them develop these talents. I also believe that not all students are the same and, as such, may require a different teaching style. Teachers are there to learn about their students and help them using whichever style is best suited.

As authority figures, teachers must guide the student with their knowledge, but must also be open to learning from the students. Every experience can be one of learning.


I attended Augustana campus with the intent of transferring once my degree was complete. I ended up transferring earlier to Kings University College and am one semester away from completing my Arts Degree. After that I plan on going in for my teaching degree. I have taken a variety of courses: English, Psychology, History, Biology, Math, Music, Art, Relgion, Philisophy, and Theology.


I have always helped my siblings with anything I could regarding homework. Also, during high school and throughout university I would often volunteer at elementary schools where my mother was a TA and help the teacher out. I would often interact with the students and help with Math or English. I also helped with copying and crafts for the teachers.


I enjoy volunteering at the schools, as I want to be an elementary school teacher. I am not in any clubs but do many things on my own. such as drawing, writing, and playing my flute. These make up most of my extracurricular activities.