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Lauren E

English, Languages, Social Studies, Geography Tutor

Carleton University

Majors: Political Science: International Relations

Minors: History

About Me



I believe that education should not be one size fits all. It is important to structure learning around the ways a person learns best, and teach students how to organize the information in these ways when it’s not presented to them in their favored way.

Education should provoke thought and questions; sometimes the right answer is not the important aspect, but all you learn along the way in coming to that answer. Independent thinking should be encouraged, not just rote memorization of sentences and not connecting them to the greater picture. Have a sense of wonder!


I have taken intensive French classes throughout middle and high school, as well as spending six weeks in Quebec the summer before my grade 12 year. I also continued French into university. My major was political science and international relations, along with a history minor. These classes allowed me to expand my thinking into why events happened and make world events and history a moving progression, rather than just dates and events from start to finish. Writing essays has always been a strong suit of mine, and I always have enjoyed learning outside of the classroom through news and reading to complement my formal education.


I have experience tutoring students elementary to high school. This includes assisting with homework, teaching how to write a structured essay, and coaching sports teams. I have learned through these experiences how to approach situations when someone isn’t grasping a concept, and use other examples for them to better understand.


Throughout high school I was involved in basketball and rugby teams, as well as horseback riding. I was also a member of numerous concert and school bands, playing flute for six years. I was an editor of yearbooks also, and throughout university I volunteered with a political party.
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