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Mary C

Math, Science, English, Social Studies Tutor

University of Western Ontario

Majors: Political Science, Gender and Women’s Studies

Other Certificates: M.A., Political Science, Collaborative Program-Environment and Sustainability; Ph.D., Geography

About Me



My educational philosophy is to engage and guide students towards success. I interact with students to understand their background, interests, and learning styles. Altogether I situate myself in a position where I assist the student with learning to do by doing, and achieving their best.


My educational background is a mix of college, hands on learning, and higher education. I am a doctoral graduate student in geography, however my background is diverse and inclusive of history, gender issues, environmental conservation and rehabilitation, and policy, planning, and legislation around food and farming in Ontario, Canada. I am committed to lifelong learning.


I have and continue to be a graduate teaching assistant for undergraduate courses in political science and geography. I started the position of graduate teaching assistant at The University of Western Ontario and now am with The University of Waterloo. I utilize visual and interactive tools including PowerPoint, write-to-learn and test prep exercises, brainstorming, and discussion materials to draw out student engagement and critical thinking.


I am adventurous, physically fit, and love trying new things. I’m on the executive for the Outers Club at The University of Waterloo, assisting with rental equipment and organizing group activities in natural and wilderness settings. I also played recreational badminton and help out on the farm when visiting home.