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Mary L

English, ACT, SAT Tutor

McMaster University

Majors: English & History

Other Certificates: Master’s of Library & Information Science

About Me



My goal is to create and cultivate a mutual exchange of trust and respect with students with or without learning disabilities. I seek to empower students to take control of their learning, make the connections to real life, and to relevant to their life, interests and passions. I Experiment with different approaches until my students see themselves as independent, life-long learners.


I possess a Bachelor’s Degree in English and History complimented with a Master’s Debree in Library and Information Science which has allowed me to hone my learning strategies skills. I’ve also become an exceptional aggregator of knowledge and understand the needs/ behaviours of various information seekers.


My teaching experience has varied from tutoring ESL students, students with learning disabilities, high school and College/ University students. I have facilitated workshops to help college students access primary sources for their research projects.


My love for the arts has led me to be involved with an art initiative in Hamilton, Ontario. I help choose and curate local artists’ work (all ages) to be displayed in local workplaces.
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