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Melanie L

English, Languages Tutor

California State University, Long Beach

Majors: English Education

Other Certificates: M.A., Education

About Me



As an educator, I believe it is necessary to determine an individual child’s learning style and formulate lessons and instructions to match that learning style.

I believe it is an educator’s responsibility not to simply give the material to a child, but to show him or her how to discover it on their own. When given precise and person-specific instruction, I believe that every student has the ability to succeed in education and become lifelong learners.


I spent 4 years studying Education at the California State University, Long Beach. I began studying French Education and eventually moved into studying English Education. After graduating, I enrolled in a combined teaching credential/Master’s program at Azusa Pacific University. I will be finished with my credential in Summer 2015.


I began as a part time tutor when I was 14 years old. This eventually turned into formal, full time positions working as a combined nanny and tutor for local children. I have taught a vast range of children at the private level, as well as many students in the public school system where I am currently a substitute teacher.


I am an avid reader and I always have been! I love to read classic American literature. In my free time, I love to run along the beach and practice yoga. I am passionate cook, and I love finding unique ingredients from the farmer’s market to make meals for my family.