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Moriah F

Math, ACT Tutor

Colorado State University

Majors: Mathematics

Minors: Leadership Studies

About Me



My experience with tutoring has taught me that repetitive practice helps students learn, but more importantly verbalizing or explaining to others a problem reassures students that they know it, or helps identify issues they may be having. Getting the answer for one problem is not the goal I have for my students, but I try to teach them how to approach similar problems.


I am a senior at Colorado State University-Pueblo in Colorado and am dual major in Mathematics and Industrial Engineering. In high school I took 2 math courses every year including through Calc II. In college I have only advanced my math skills by tutoring these subjects and taking classes up to Abstract Algebra and Analysis.


I have been a tutor in the universities Math Learning Center where I tutor one on one and in groups all remedial, 100 level, and 200 level math classes. I have also had several private tutor clients from 8th grade to college students. I have worked with Accuplacer Prep students and even elementary school students.


I have been a member of the President’s Leadership Program for 4 years where i complete 30 hours of various community service each semester. In addition I had a 60 hour volunteer internship where I went into classrooms of middle school students and taught my own self created STEM lessons to them. My goal was for students to be exposed to STEM ideas and understand some of the applications of math.


I received a composite score of 30 on my ACT exam in 2011.