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Preethi P

Math, Science, English Tutor

University Of California, Santa Cruz

Majors: Neuroscience B.S.

Other Certificates: Psychology B.A.

About Me



I believe that education is a very important form of empowerment and that every individual has different strengths and different ways of learning. There can be multiple approaches to the same material, though the answer and concepts can be the same.

Thus, I seek to tutor in a way that engages the student and connects him or her to the material so that they grasp it better. I feel that if a student is excited about the material, they will learn it more quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly!


I attended Lynbrook High School, one of the highest ranked schools in the United States. Being at Lynbrook strengthened my academic drive and educational prowess. During high school, I also took supplemental courses at a local community college, De Anza.

I then attended UC Santa Cruz where I double majored in Neuroscience and Psychology and finished in four years. I am now in the process of applying for Graduate School.


This past school year, I served as a tutor and mentor for academically challenged at-risk 8th grade students in Los Angeles. I identified specific needs of eleven focus-list students and created individualized and differentiated lesson plans for each of them to fill in their gaps of knowledge in relation to class material in Math, Science, English and History.

I was able to assist eight out of eleven students in meeting the academic requirements for middle school culmination. I also taught a student-led class at my University on environmental awareness, as described below.


In addition to my demanding double majors in University, I taught a student-led class on environmental awareness for an organization at UC Santa Cruz. Facilitation of this class strengthened my skills in presentation of fact-based scientific research in addition to preparing multiple multimedia lesson-plans, a class syllabus and engaging assignments and tests.

I also regularly asked my students for input on how they learn best and feedback on my presentation of the class content. I am also a performing artist and I have been in musicals, plays and have done years of choir and voice lessons.

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