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Samantha S

Math, Science, English, Social Studies Tutor

Queen’s University

Majors: Psychology, Biology

Other Certificates: B.A., Education; M.A., Teaching, Learning, Evaluation

About Me



My educational philosophy is entirely student-centred. Learning should be accessible to everyone, no matter the barrier, and above all learning should be fun! I believe in cross-curricular learning to make education more realistic and applicable to everyone.


I am currently completing my Masters in Education, but prior to this I completed my Bachelor of Education and my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology. I love learning and believe in the life long pursuit of learning and education!


I have taught in highly diverse classrooms – particularly, one classroom that had 70% of students with individual education plans and/or special needs and behavioural problems. I made learning accessible to all of my students and allowed them to explore their own interests.


I volunteer at the Distress Centre and have a great deal of experience in a counselling and advising position. This position included academic and personal counselling, and it was a truly meaningful and fulfilling position. Helping students is my passion.