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Stepheon W

English, ACT, SAT, Elementary Education Tutor

Florida International University

Majors: English

Minors: Communications

Other Certificates: MA: Educational Leadership; Florida Teaching Certificate; Florida licensed notary

About Me



I believe students have the ability to learn and reach maximum potential once they understand and learn their learning modality. I have come to the conclusion that no student is slow and all students can learn once they tap into their potential. This gift comes from appropriate teaching and teaching skill.


I am well educated, earning several degrees throughout the years. Throughout the years of learning, I studied various courses which allows me range and versatility. I majored in English and minored in mass communications. I also have a background in film.


I taught in various schools from 1998-2008 before becoming a lecturer in 2010. I have also lead the G2G since 1999, which facilitates teaching.


I appreciate riding my bike and exercising. I like to read and research. I also like to shoot stills and videos. I eat healthy and am health conscious. I like to encourage others to do the same.